LOST: Music from the Island for Solo Piano
Music Composed by Michael Giacchino
Arranged and Performed by Chris Ryan
Album Produced by Michael Giacchino & Little Jacket Industries, Inc.

  • A solo piano album based on musical themes from the hit television drama ‘LOST'

  • Recorded on Warner Bros.' Eastwood Scoring Stage

  • Peaked at number 5 in its category on the Billboard charts



(MIDI orchestrator, feature, 2019)
Tales of the City (music department, Netflix, 2019)
Hellboy (additional orchestrations, feature, 2019)
Boxing (composer, short, 2019)
En Amor (composer, short, 2019)
Ghost Roommate (composer, web series, 2019)
The Honeymoon Phase
 (composer, feature, 2019)
People People (composer, feature, 2018)
Dig Your Own Grave (composer, short, 2018)
Start With Half (composer, short, 2018)
Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever. (music department, Netflix Original Series, 2018)
Girl Next Door (web series, various episodes, 2018)
Swing And A Miss (composer, short, 2018)
Strangers At Night (composer, short, 2018)
Cured (composer, short, 2018)
This Is What Democracy Pods Like (composer, podcast, 2018)
Superheroes At Your Door (composer, short, 2018)
Goldfish - Season 9 (additional orchestrations, various episodes, 2018)
Lake Michigan Monster (additional music, feature, 2018)
The Darkest Minds (additional orchestrations, feature, 2018)
Serenity (assistant orchestrator, feature, 2018)
The King of Thieves (additional orchestrations, feature, 2018)
Macy's 4th of July Firework Show (additional synth programming, 2018)
Halloween (composer, short, 2018)
Managers (composer, pilot, 2018)
A Violent Separation (assistant orchestrator, feature, 2018)
Royally Ever After (assistant orchestrator, feature, 2018)
Bilby (assistant orchestrator, short, 2018)
Nomis (assistant orchestrator, feature, 2018)
The True Adventures of Wolfboy (assistant orchestrator, feature, 2018)
Europa (assistant orchestrator, video game, 2018)
Leap (assistant orchestrator, short, 2018)
Zero Sum (composer, short, 2018)
Another Castle (composer, web series, 2018)
Folk Wandering (music editor / arranger, Pipeline Theatre Co. theatrical promos, 2018)
Qkr! with Masterpass (composer, commercial ad, 2018)
The Metamorphosis (composer, web series, 2018)
A Trip to LA (composer, short, 2018)
Paddington Live (live performance, assistant orchestrator, 2017)
Super Lucky's Tale (synth orchestration/additional arrangements, Xbox One/Windows 102017)
Early Man (assistant orchestrator, feature, 2017)
Up North (composer, short, 2017)
Children of the Revolution (composer, short, 2017)
XVY (composer, short, 2017)
Steam Engines of Oz (lead MIDI programmer, feature, 2017)
Recess (composer, short, 2017)
Vitality (composer, short, 2017)
Valet - Season 2 (composer, web series, 2017)
Dating in Retrograde (composer, web series, 2017)
Sophia (composer, short, 2017)
Dave Malloy's 'BEARDO' (music editor / arranger, Pipeline Theatre Co.theatrical promos, 2016)
Ma, Come On! (composer, web series theme, 2016)
Master Plan (composer, podcast, 2016)
Happy Vacation  (composer, short, 2016)
The Lunch Special (composer, short, 2016)
Valet - Season 1 (composer, web series, 2016)
Finding Buddha (composer, short, 2016)
Laser (composer, short, 2016)
C.P.R. (composer, video sketch, 2016)
Smilebuilderz (composer, commercial ads, 2016)
Pilot Co-Pilots! (composer, podcast, 2016)
Fade In, Fade Out (composer, short, 2016)
Marabigo Creative Production Studio Holiday Video (composer, commercial ad, 2015)
Census (composer, video sketch, 2015)
Of Eldritch Things (composer, trailer, 2015) (composer, various themes, 2015)
A Trip (composer, short, 2015)
Haunters (composer, web series, 2015)
OpenStem (composer, web ad, 2015)                                                                               
L.I.P.S. (composer, short, 2015)
The Road to Jericho (composer, short, 2015)
Clouds (composer, video sketch 2015)
The Mermaid (composer, short 2015)
Middle School Sex Ed (composer, video sketch, 2014)
A Slice of Life (composer, short, 2014)
Impact (composer, short, 2014)
Voyage of the Iron Hawk (composer, short, 2014)
Come Monday (composer, short, 2014)
Dearest Brother Solomon (composer, sketch, 2014)
To Live and Die in Opahumpka: Season 2 (composer, web series, 2014)
 · Outstanding Series in a Student Comedy, 2014 LA WebFest
Making Ends Meet (composer, podcast, 2014)
Pillow (composer, video sketch, 2014)
Cloister’s Flooring America (composer, commercial ad, 2014)
Frizzle and the Magic School Bus (composer, trailer, 2014)
The Sandman (composer, short, 2014)
The Dry Rain (composer, short, 2013)
Posthumous (composer, short, 2013)
- Nominee, 2015 MPSE Golden Reel Award
Limbos (composer, short, 2013)
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (composer, college television theme, 2013)
Master of the U (composer, web series, 2013)
Behind Me (composer, short, 2013)
Birth (composer, short, 2013)
Next Week on Mad Men (composer, video sketch, 2013)
Bedside Manor (composer, short, 2013)
The Meter Man of Le Moutrechon (composer, short, 2013)
- Best Original Score, UMiami Canes Film Festival 2013
Aurora (composer, short, 2013)
- Local Award, Miami Short Film Festival
Little to No Experience (composer, web series, 2013)
'Some Old Friends' - Alden Place (composer, commercial ad, 2012)
To Live and Die in Opahumpka (composer, web series, 2012)
- Best Comedy Series, 2013 LA WebFest
Silence is Olden (composer, short, 2012)
If You're Serious (composer, short, 2012)
- Nominee, 2014 MPSE Golden Reel Award
The Flower Shop (composer, teaser trailer, 2012)
The Laughing Window (composer, short, 2012)
Poacher (composer, short, 2012)
- Best in Show - 24 Hour Film Race, South Florida
The End (composer, short, 2012)
Blue Heat (music supervisor, short, 2012)
The Ballad of Chaz (composer, short, 2012)
A Smile Like Yours (composer, short, 2012)
Girl in the Window (composer, short, 2012)
El Empantanado (composer, trailer, 2012)
'Get Lost in a Film' - Cosford Cinema (composer, commercial ad, 2012)
Life After Death (composer, short, 2011)
- Miami International Film Festival 2012
Tarantula (composer, short, 2011)
Two Stories Up (composer, short, 2011)
Making Friends (composer, short, 2011)
- 2011 San Diego Film Festival
Matthew Jefferson Meets the Ghosts of the Jefferson Estate (composer, short, 2011)
The Bitch of Living (additional music, feature, 2010)
Whatever Lola Wants (composer, short, 2010)
- Winner, Best of Fest - UMiami Canes Film Festival 2011
Neighbors (composer, short, 2010)
- Winner, Best Original Score - Scares and Scores Film Festival 2010
Dead Letter (composer, short, 2010)
Mermaid in the Sky (composer, short, 2010)
- Winner, Achievement in Music - UMiami Canes Film Festival 2010
Piece and Harmony (composer, short, 2009)
- Winner, Best CMP222 Film, UMiami Canes Film Festival 2010
Techno Robo, Set Me Free (composer, short, 2009)



Matchstick Series: Strange Tongues (2016)
- Composed, music directed and performed original scores for seven one-act plays
- Produced by Pipeline Theatre Company at Nuyorican Poets Café (New York, NY)

The Gray Man (2015)
- Co-Composer / Music Director / Performer with Mike Brun
- Produced by Pipeline Theatre Company at Soho Rep’s Walkerspace (New York, NY)
- Previously developed as a part of Smith+Tinker at HERE Arts Center

Gilbert & George's Gentlemen Party (2015)
- Wrote original music to accompany ‘Funeral,’ a piece performed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City

Matchstick Series: Anywhere But Here (2015)
- Composed, music directed and performed original scores for eight one-act plays
- Produced by Pipeline Theatre Company at The Red Room (New York, NY)

This Little Shrimp of Mine (song, 2015)
- Lyrics by Gentlemen Party Comedy, Music by Chris Ryan
- National College Comedy Festival (Saratoga, NY)  

Pets 4 Dogs (song, 2015)
Lyrics by Gentlemen Party Comedy, Music by Chris Ryan
The People’s Improv Theater (New York, NY)

FGP Epic – Djurassic Parc (2014)
- Served as musical host, performing excerpts from John William’s score on piano throughout a curated evening of Jurassic Park-inspired multimedia pieces
- Produced by Fresh Ground Pepper NYC at Irondale Arts Center (New York, NY)

FGP Nightly News (2014)
- Composed original symphonic theme music for a curated evening of news-inspired multimedia performances
- Produced by Fresh Ground Pepper NYC at The Sheen Center (New York, NY)

I’m An Early Bloomer (song, 2014)
Lyrics by Bowen Yang, Music by Chris Ryan
The People’s Improv Theater (New York, NY)

The Fall of Hotel Mudafier to the Toltecs (composer / sound designer, 2013)
Directed by Annie Tippe, Written by Andrew Farmer
Swift Hibernian Bar (New York, NY)

Jamie Kemper: 8-Year-Old Detective (song, 2013)
Lyrics by Gentlemen Party Comedy, Music by Chris Ryan
The People’s Improv Theater (New York, NY)

Odile's Ordeal (play, 2012)
- Edited, mixed, and sound designed 70 minutes of pre-recorded dialogue which was then lip-synced live by actors
- Written by Lucas Hnath, Directed by JV Mercanti
- Hecht Studio Theatre (Miami, FL)

Fifty Four Forever
- Served as Writer’s Assistant to seven-time Emmy Award winning writer Mark Saltzman throughout the production process of a new musical conceived and directed by Tommy Tune
- Jerry Herman Ring Theatre (Miami, FL)

Sound Design / Composition - University of Miami Theatrical Productions:
A Devil Inside (2012)
Gum (2010)
Boston Marriage (2010)
Fat Men in Skirts (2010)
Hamlet (2009)
Stop Kiss (2010)
Marisol (2010)